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Information about coronavirus in english and other languages

Grøner, Cathrine Endret:02.02.2022 14:52

​Keep updated! The government asks everyone in Norway to read the vital information and advice given about coronavirus at fhi.no and helsenorge.no.

This information is available in Norwegian, English, Arabic, Tigrinya, Polish, Thai, Swahili and Lithuanian. If you find it difficult to understand anything, please ask someone you know for help.

Travel advice and rules for entry in Norway

As a general rule, only foreigners residing in Norway can enter. Norwegian citizens always have the right to enter. In order to limit import infection, we will continue to have strict entry restrictions. This also applies to citizens of the EEA.

Mandatory testing, entry registration, quarantine, and quarantine hotels continue to apply to the few who can enter Norway (who are exempt from entry restrictions).

Due to the corona virus, individuals entering The Kingdom of Norway must provide necessary information in order to ensure compliance to the quarantine regulations, the enhancement of our national precautionary measures and to contribute to our disease detection and tracking system. All persons with a registration obligation must submit their own registration form. Click here to register.

Click here for information on travel advice and rules for entry, including from which countries and areas persons can enter Norway without having to enter quarantine.

Information from the government

Click here for information and advice about the coronavirus situation from the Norwegian government.

Coronavirus vaccine
Information from the Municipality of Øvre Eiker about the Covid-19 vaccine.

COVID testing
If you think you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, you need to be tested.

The following people are eligible for the test:

  • Anyone with a severe respiratory infection or other symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste etc.) 
  • Anyone who may have been infected, either a close contact or after returning from a foreign country the last 10 days

The test can be ordered by calling the emergency hotline at 32 86 68 10 (between the hours of 09:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00 on workdays), or using the digital form (click here). Ask someone you know to help you with the order if you do not understand Norwegian or English. If you are unable to reach the testing station without help, notify the emergency hotline about this when you call. Address of the testing station: Numedalsveien 80, Kongsberg. If you are unable to reach the testing station without help, notify the emergency hotline about this when you call. There is a sign on the entry road to Kongsberg that indicates where the testing station is located. You are required to stay home after the test until you receive the reply. The results are available on line, at helsenorge.no. The municipality will call you if you test positive. Positive results require mandatory at home isolation until you are healthy again and asymptomatic. 

Information about your coronavirus test 

Symptoms of coronavirus infection 

Symptoms resemble those with colds and influenza:

People who become ill typically experience a sore throat, symptoms of a cold and a mild cough, as well as a general feeling of being unwell and having muscle pain. Diarrhoea may occur but is not common. The loss of smell and taste can also be a symptom.

If you experience these symptoms, stay at home and call your doctor or Legevakten (116 117) for instructions for how to be tested for coronavirus. You must stay at home until your results are provided. If you are a tourist in Øvre Eiker kommune, you must stay at your hotel/camping area and avoid contact with others while you wait for the test results. Do not use public areas such as restaurants, restrooms and/or similar - or contact the management at your hotel/camping to find a solution. Read more about quarantine and isolation at Helsenorge.no.

More information in English

Click here for information in English on Helsenorge.no. 
Click here for information in English on www.fhi.no (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

Information in other languages

Click here for information on www.fhi.no in other languages (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health).

Click here for information on YouTube in other languages (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health).



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