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  Endret:28.01.2020 21:46

Welcome to Øvre Eiker kulturskole - a Municipal School of Music and Arts!


Øvre Eiker kulturskole is the local community center of the arts. We are a public service institution wich aims to give all children the opportunity to learn and to explore themselves in both visual and performing arts.

We offer instruction on a weekly basis in different programs. The programs is for children and young adults from the age of 5-20 years of age. The school offers both individual and group lessons. For more information about the programs go to Undervisningstilbud

Throughout the year, pupils will have the oppurtunity to participate in concerts, exhibitions, performances etc. at least once a year as a part of the schools curriculum.

Tuition is 1.686,- per semester, 3.372,- per academic year. ​


Øvre Eiker kulturskole is situated in Fabrikkgata 9 - Arena Vestfossen (main building and administration). Classrooms and lesson rooms are located at Arena Vestfossen and several public schools in the area as well.

For location please click here!

For more information, please contact us:
Telf: 409 14 147
E-mail: kulturskolen@oeiker.no

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